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We are growing again. Our 5-year plan includes opening regional B2B sales offices in San Diego, Paris, Prague Dubai, Melbourne, and Rio de Janeiro. Our wholesale products are shipped from warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Our retail products are shipped from retail depots in Hong Kong and California.

The Story So Far

The love story began in La Jolla, California, USA in 2005. We moved our global powerhouse to Hong Kong in 2008. Since the beginning, we have been discovering incredible active and passive renewable energy technologies. With roots as a small startup, Solarpowergetics has undergone years of development and logistical streamlining to gain prominence again as a reliable provider of solar technology on a global scale.

The honeymoon is not over for SPG. We are on a mission. Today, our understanding of the renewable energy industry has provided us with a unique opportunity to aggressively search for the best renewable energy products in the world, including the United States of America, as well as to sell the most sophisticated solar technology to the world, including the People's Republic of China.

Folks, we are growing by "leaps and bounds!" We are adding new products to our eCommerce websites. We strongly encourage your feedback about our products and services.

As an Eco-Citizen, get the latest technology news, promotions, and discounts. Accept invitations to our road-show events.

It is completely up to you. Join us in our epic journey to harness solar energy as a clean alternative to nasty, dirty, and dangerous fossil fuels.

There is a new age emerging, but we are arriving in a state of flux. Some people call it chaos. This new and unstable wave is about to replace the industrial revolution which lasted only 200 years. We are entering the Transformation Age, a radical shift in human evolutionary development.

Introducing disruptive technologies is part of the solution. Integrating active and passive solar technologies into traditional sources of energy is the best way to keep our cozy lifestyle while accelerating the shutdown of the industrial revolution. A different lifestyle is emerging in the 21st century. A coordinated effort led by a group of courageous Eco-Citizens can make it happen..

Traditional Values, Visionary Ideas

At the core of our green-growing energy company are the heartfelt values of providing world-class solar products at the best prices.

We will do our best to bring you outstanding customer care.

"Our customers solve energy problems by generating environmentally-friendly sources of power for practical use on a daily basis."

"Embrace a global lifestyle transformation."


"Together, let's change the world."

Miguel Hidalgo

Solarpowergetics - Hong Kong

CEO and President Miguel Hidalgo is an innovator who built Solarpowergetics into a mighty micro-multinational corporation. He is challenging the global economy establishments.

Miguel is a leader in the development of disruptive technologies, key resources, innovative processes, and value propositions that keep the world beating around the sun.