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What can solar energy do for me?


— Solarpowergetics is a wholesale product innovator, manufacturer, system integrator and component supplier. We develop renewable energy products based on solar, wind, thermal and biodegradable technologies. Solarpowergetics

    • Reduce or eliminate your utility bill.
    • Conserve our natural resources.
    • Protect our environment.
    • Done properly, you can actually increase power consumption, and the power is free!
    • Enjoy a cozy lifestyle.

Eliminate foreign oil dependency, government interference and corporation games.

“We Built this City on Rock and Roll” – STARSHIP

— SolarPutz offers the latest trends in solar electronics, seasonal garden and landscape lighting, solar hobby kits and educational toys. SolarPutz

“Don’t be a Silly Putz”

— The BioMe Shop is our solar fashion boutique featuring flashy and sometimes biodegradable fashion apparel and glittery solar accessories. BioMe Shop

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